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about us

A unique first for Africa offering.

EmptyTrips is the digital, platform-based answer to the question, “How can I maximise my return on investment?”

We use smart matching algorithms to create a marketplace where shippers, agents & transport carriers can connect, bid for cargo, find transport assets to move their cargo. We fill spaces to places, smartly. The EmptyTrips platform powers a new way of collaborative thinking across enterprises for faster logistics, better economics & a significantly lighter carbon footprint


EmptyTrips is an open, online marketplace where you can find a massive pool of vetted transporters with various fleet sizes. By making use of the platform you can safely find carriers, transact securely & significantly lower your transport costs. Through us, you can get free access to the largest fleet in Africa, instantly.

  • Match: Our on-demand marketplace algorithms will match your cargo to carriers
  • Auction: Auction your cargo to vetted bidders for the best deal & speedy processing
  • Fair: Avoid collusion & under-the-table deals with our corporate governance warning system, based on your own policies

Grow your business faster Our system allows you to automate your online sales & admin by providing a huge database of both shippers & carriers instantly, making your job fast, efficient & profitable. On-demand, online & on your terms.

  • Speed: Instant access to an online, 24/7 community
  • Reach: Review various routes, & test solutions – open a bid & get a non-obligation quote!
  • Reduce: Lower your cost burdens by offering empty space at a discount, as well as your base-load dedicated fleet

Swap your backhaul for benefits With EmptyTrips, you can easily find cargo to fill your assets, making each trip the most profitable it can be, & bid for new business anonymously. You can even sub-contract when you need to, making your fleet replenishment decisions that much easier.

  • Match: Our deckspace & directional algorithms will find cargo for your route when & where you need it
  • Bid: New business - securely & anonymously. Set your own rates – all bids are private until payment
  • Secure: We'll make sure you are paid every time, on time. And our corporate governance warning system will flag issues, based on your businesses' own rules

A truly revolutionary way to move your goods that is affordable, efficient & reliable.


Capacity matching & market balancing. Service fee to transporters, locally & internationally


Open / closed bidding to encourage multiple offers & reduce costs


Online payment via Payfast or secure account code

How it works

  • Sign upRegister your free account

    Create a free account with EmptyTrips, as either a shipper, agent or carrier, & let us know all your details

  • ManageManage your account

    From your dashboard you can edit details, add sub-users to the account & even track your trips

  • PostPost on the Freight Open eXchange (FOX)

    Whether you have cargo to move, or empty space you want cargo to fill, click 'Post a new trip exchange', add the details of the cargo or existing trip, & we'll do the rest

  • MonitorStay updated

    We will update you on all available trips daily, via email, so your finger is never far from the pulse