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What is EmptyTrips?

EmptyTrips is an online trip exchange using smart technology to match & connect spare capacity on a truck, train, plane or ship to those requiring goods transported!
Through algorithms & transport auctions we are filling empty spaces to places for less.
I am a Shipper
Do you ship products domestically / internationally?
Do you spend too much finding reliable transporters / agents?
Are you looking for better rates?
Want transporters to bid for your business?
I am an Agent (Broker)
Are you looking for a free system to broker transport?
Would you like to receive new business?
Are you looking for a secure platform to automate your sales?
Want access to transporters & shippers?
I am a Transporter
Do you operate one or more vehicles?
Do you sometimes run empty?
Would you like to grow your business?
Do you want to get paid on delivery?
Lower your transport costs
Free online marketplace for your needs
Access to large database of transporters
Via E-auction you can get bids on your cargo
Automate your sales online
Free system to broker transport
Safe collections
All benefits to shippers & carriers apply
Free access to marketplace of freight
Free opportunity to fill your empty space
Bid for new business and cargo
Anonymous bidding & listing
Algorithm Live Capacity matching and market balancing Service fee
Bidding Live Open/ closed bidding to encourage multiple offers and reduce costs
Insure Live Cargo GIT & Marine insurance
Purchase Live Online payment via Payfast or secure account code
Carbon In Progress Carbon credit calculator based on savings from reducing inefficient empties calculated by algorithm
API Plug-in In Progress Developing B2B platform to standardise API plug ins from ERP systems to scale data sharing & flows
Block-Chain Planned Use of Block-chain and potential crypto currency to reduce fraud, costs and enable cross-border trade
Crypto Planned Digital trade finance for international shipments across the region/ large inventory movements l leveraging a crypto to reduce costs and settlements / cash on demand
Data Planned Data on cargo demand, routes, modes throughout the region
How it Works
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How to register an
account (Transporter)
How to invite sub-users
to your master account
How to list on
the Trip Exchange
How to list a
trip for Auction
How to purchase
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